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Camila Zeni


Welcome to my art!

When I paint I forget the world, everything becomes quiet for me, and I project my best feelings to my paintings. 


I was born in a small city in São Paulo state, but nowadays I live in São José dos Campos. I enjoy going to the beach, exercising, traveling, watching movies, and, of course, painting.

I've been painting since I was a child and have never stopped.

When I was growing up my dream was to be an artist. Later I discovered Architecture and got a degree in it. 

Life is always changing, but my love for arts has never changed!

Camila Zeni C200Z
camila zeni paraty

My inspiration

I find inspiration from everyday life! Every beautiful thing I see gives me many ideas.

When I start a painting I focus on just one idea and save the others for later. The good part is that those ideas are still there waiting for me later, and the entire process brings me joy and fulfillment.

My work

I love color!! I like to experiment with the relationships among them!

My work is based on the use of multiple layers of colors, overlaying different colors, sometimes more transparent and sometimes more intense, always admiring the effects that emerge.

I like to work with color strip patterns and feel the different variations of the relationships of one color close to another.

I take my time with the details until I am completely satisfied with the result of the composition.​

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed creating!




"Feira Oriente 2019" - Collective exhibition at Villa Aymoré, Ladeira da Glória, 26, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil (November 27 - December 1)


"Estrella Guia" - Collective exhibition at Calle de Bruc, 147, Barcelona - Espanha (May 30 - June 11)


"Escola em Transe" - Collective exhibition at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil (December 17 - January 24, 2018)
"Mares e Estrella Guia" - Collective exhibition at Espaço de Exposições Campus da Justiça, Lisboa - Portugal(November 14 - November 28)
"Estrella Guia" - Collective exhibition at Espai Marc Llimós, Barcelona - Espanha(May 30 - June 11)
"In Art Fair" - Collective exhibition at Porto Art Gallery, Porto - Portugal (May 6 - May 24)
"São Paulo Arte 462" - Collective exhibition at Espaço Cultural Shopping Iguatemi, Alphaville, SP - Brazil (January 6 - January 26)


"32+1 Rio" - Collective exhibition at Anjos Art Gallery, Shopping Cassino Atlântico, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil (December 12 - January 15, 2017)
"Arte por toda parte" - Collective exhibition at Espaço Cultural Shopping Iguatemi, Alphaville, SP - Brazil (November 17 - December 05)
Solo exhibition at Espaço Cultural do Fórum Trabalhista, São José dos Campos, SP - Brazil (March)

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